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  • Sweet Golf Pram + Beige Nappa Bag

    315,00350,00 VAT inc.
  • Sakura Changing + Pacifier Holder

    35,00 VAT inc.
  • Sakura Lightweight Stroller + Bag

    225,00 VAT inc.
  • Dolls Clothes Rail & Baby Changer

    • Reference: 2590
    130,00 VAT inc.
  • Powder Pink Mittens

    • Reference: 6400-RE
    30,0035,00 VAT inc.
  • Reversible Fur Footmuff + Pacifier Holder

    • Reference: 2630
    59,00 VAT inc.
  • Vichy Travel High Chair

    • Reference: 2580-VICHY
    65,00 VAT inc.
  • Vichy Changing + Pacifier Holder

    • Reference: 2900-VICHY
    35,00 VAT inc.

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Shopping tray

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Bebelux toy doll carts

We are manufacturers

At Bebelux Toys, we manufacture strollers, chairs, cribs, accessories and accessories for dolls inspired by the classic English vintage style, and we do it manually, using the same materials and production processes as the originals and respecting the environment.


All the accessories and accessories we create, such as bags, bubble blankets, quilts, mats, winter kits, grills, backrests, footmuffs and umbrellas, are also made by hand, always with top quality childcare materials.

All ages

Bebelux replicas are available in 5 different heights (62, 78, 88, 92 and 95 cm) for girls of all ages.