Bebelux | Carro de la 'Colección Romantic' con niña

Handmade toys

Bebelux | Silla de la 'Colección París' con niños

Exacts replicas
inspired in the
classic English prams
and pushchairs

Bebelux | Coches 'Donosti' de la 'Línea Clásica'

100% Made in Spain

Design, manufacturing, assembly and packaging

Bebelux | Sillas de la 'Colección París' ribeteadas

Best quality materials

Excellence in manufacturing and finishing

Bebelux - Niños de la mano con silla al fondo

BEBELUX toys are a replica of prams and pushchairs inspired in the classic English style vintage.

They are hand made with the same materials and production processes, respecting the environment.

Accessories like pram bags, liners, footmuffs or parasols are handmade with all materials manufactured in Spain.

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